Bizarro America

Okay so I’m glad that Mr. Baratunde Thurston so eloquently and passionately summed up what so many of us were feeling about the blatant and racist slap in the face perpetrated by Donald Trump and the Media. It was spot on. I won’t ruminate too long about Donald Trump, although one thing I will say is BOYCOTT NBC UNTIL HE’S FIRED!!!

Seriously. I’m not kidding.

I’d also like to say that this very humiliating moment in American journalism and media plus our oversaturated infatuation with the recent Royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton plus the combination of events in the recent Action Comics issue # 900 where Superman renounces his American Citizenship is very interesting. I’ll explain why, the President of the United States America’s citizenship is put in question, in no time in American history has the sitting president’s citizenship ever been questioned by the populace but when the first Black man sits in office this issue comes up. And at the same time the media fans the flames of this racist inferno that DONALD trump set it also fauns over a very ANTI-AMERICAN wedding ceremony that’s nothing but a symbolic exemplification of plutocratic separation and sovereign rule.  The American media has been more infatuated with the British Royals and shown them more reverence and respect than it has for our own Commander and Chief.

Which is weird because I feel that we haven’t questioned the very questionable existence of the British monarchy, we’ve questioned our own democratically elected leader. Our Leaders aren’t born into their positions they’re elected into them, that’s what America is all about. How did we forget that?

Donald Trump’s recent inquiries into the first Black Presidents birthplace and qualifications have reminded me of all the shit my family and people went through to get to where we are today. Mr. Trumps accusations on the President personally left me feeling offended, hurt and alienated I feel that as a black man they’ll never be a moment where I’m without question not only American but a capable American a true American. If the President isn’t considered a true American what chance do I have?  No matter how far I go or how well I do I’m always reminded that I’m still just a nigger.

And then came Superman, and I remembered an article I wrote a while ago in 2008 when Barack was still just running for office. In that time there were rumors about who could play Captain America in the movie and Will Smith’s name got thrown into the mix. People freaked the fuck out; they did the same thing when his name was thrown into the mix about Superman. People weren’t as upset about Will Smith the actor but Will Smith the black man. Donald Glover went through a similar trial when he petitioned to be allowed to audition for the role of Spiderman. People couldn’t handle the idea of an African American playing the role of our fictional American mythic hero, Funnily enough Brits are playing both Spiderman and Superman. Where’s the outrage? Oh I forgot. The British are more American than I am.

The British are more worthy of American attention and admiration then me because of my skin color, because of my ancestral lineage. That’s not only wrong it’s UN-AMERICAN.  It’s Bizarro America. We’re backwards and twisted. This country is heading in a terrible direction and the media is only exacerbating our schizophrenia. Up is down, but black still isn’t white. We need to refocus, if we don’t have respect for President Barack Hussein Obama who is the face of our country, if we don’t have regard & respect for the office he holds, if we don’t cherish his story that reflects the very best of our ideals and dreams. If we allow an Asshole to spit on all of that unpunished, if we let that happen…

I as an American refuse to let that happen. I love my country. Barack Obama is my President. I’m proud of him, and the democratic process that allowed him to be elected. This is a shameful moment for us as a country; it’s time to reclaim ourselves before we go off the ledge.


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