Sorry I’ve been gone so long, but watch this!

I know, I know. I suck. Sorry for being gone so long but you know… Anyway check this out. I wonder why more people aren’t talking about this? I mean it ties in directly with what’s going on in Wisconsin and everywhere else in this country for that matter.  Matt Taibbi breaks it down in a very clear cut way that’s easy to understand. If we continue to let injustice like this stand, I got a bad feeling about our future.

Here’s the actual article he wrote in Rollingstone, it’s a good read.

We have a messed up notion of who the bad guys are in this country (Yes! I said bad guys) and what they did. I think these infographics from Mother Jones puts it into perspective. This disparity is indefensible.  It must stop if we’re to progress, it must.

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